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About Us
The Natural Apothecary is a small business located in Ramsey. As an eco-conscious being Pippa felt strongly that it was important to not only live as chemical free as possible but also to embody preventative health practices, especially through the practice of safe and simple herbal allies in order to prevent imbalance. After making these positive changes in 2016, Pippa gained her qualification as a herbalist and The Natural Apothecary Isle of Man was opened in 2019 in order to share her natural offerings with others who wanted to eliminate chemicals in their daily routines and live a simpler, healthier lifestyle. Instant reaction and change does not equate health, it is just what the instant gratification society we live in has trained us to believe. Healing takes time, optimum nutrition and acceptance of the situation.

The Natural Apothecary Isle of Man has thrived over the past year & has become known and loved for high quality offerings with wild crafted ingredients that incorporate the natural healing cycles of Mother Earth. Pippa strives to use home grown plants & ethically foraged ingredients, consciously hand crafting each offering in small batches. All offerings are natural, environmentally friendly, sustainable, incorporate and the inherent rhythms of Mother Nature. Pippa practices true herablism; meaning every offering is crafted with the whole plant. To become whole with the plant means all the plant MUST be used.

"I hope to empower you to take your healing into your own hands"

About The Natural Apothecary Isle of Man - Safe, Simple, Land Based Offerings

The Natural Apothecary provides a variety of herbal teas, remedies and natural produces for the entire family. The shop is continually adding inventory as the apothecary grows. Please visit the website to see what offerings are available. Some offerings are seasonal only. Custom orders are a favourite so feel free to contact us!

Tincture :
This is a straight forward alcohol extract where plant matter is added and allowed to set for prolonged periods. The resulting liquid contains the extracted plants sought after herbal qualities and is generally taken in small droplets quantities.

Elixir :
This is a tincture with the addition of honey in the beginning tincturing stages. Besides tasting amazing, honey has the ability to extract water soluable properties from the fresh plant matter than alcohol alone cannot achieve. Also elixirs have a lower alcohol percentage than the average tincture.

Oxymels :
This is a vinegar based extract that contains no alcohol. Traditionally honey and vinegar are poured over fresh plant matter in separate just allowed to set for prolonged times. At the end, the two are blended together. These have no alcohol soluble properties present so are often taken in large amounts and have about a years shelf life.

Balms/Salves :
Both balms and salves are herbal infused oils thickened with wax, they also contain butters. The only real difference is the amount of wax added. A balm is much firmer from a higher amount of wax and a salve has less wax and melts in to the skin more easily.

"From my home to yours, we hope you enjoy !"

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