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What is Mycology?

Mycology is a branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi; including their genetics and biochemical properties, their taxonomy and their use of humans as a source of traditional medicine, food and etheogens, as well as their dangers such as toxicity and infection.

Traditional plant-based medicines are gaining more and more attention. Mushrooms being at the top of the list for many amazing benefits. Many formed of mushrooms have been used throughout the Centuries in Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine with well over 200 different species used in therapeautic capacity throughout the years.

There is a great deal of research surrounding mushrooms and the potential therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions; such as Cancer, Digestive Health Conditions, Living Conditions and Autoimmune Issues.

Some immune illogical changes triggered by mushrooms polysaccharides include:

  »   Increased Antibody Production
  »   Increased Interferon Production
  »   Increased Immune Activity against many different Cancers
  »   Inhibitions of Tumours

"Mushrooms are part of the Fungal Kingdom. As such they are more closely related to humans and other members of the Animal Kingdom than to Plants. Partly because of this relative evoluntionary closeness, many of the compounds they produce show psychological activity in humans as well as other animals."

Disclaimer:*  Information listed or linked to this site is for general educational purposes only and does not provide professional, medical or legal advice. Please consult with your General or Healthcare Practitioner about the use of this and other supplements.
These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease.

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Our Pure Mycology Range

Each of our capsules are blended with the following organically sourced mushroom species?

This species grows to resemble a large beehive. Historians have noted that Native Americans mashed the fungus and used it as a medical remedy for a variety of ailments. The Ancient Greeks also knew of the medicinal properties of Agarikon, suggesting in an early text that it was useful in combating a host of diseases including TB. Eating the fungi can reduce inflammation as well as treating bacterial and viral infections.
  Lions Mane
This furry looking mushroom is great for your brain? It contains a ton of Vitamin B12 which is essential for a healthy brain and nervous system? It is a great source of fungal polysaccarides with immunomodulating properties. These stimulate or suppress inflammation to normalise the immune response. Traditionally used to treat a variety of mental problems; including Anxiety, Depression, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease.
The Tree of Life mushroom was first discovered in Ancient China around 396 BC and was sought after by the Emperors seeking immortality! Reishi contains the highest concentration of Triterpenoids, which may help fight Cancer and Inflammation. Reishi strengthens the Liver, aiding in detoxification and harmful toxins as well as heavy metals.
Not all parasites are bad! Wild Cordyceps are a funny looking fungi that grows out of insects* and have potent energy building properties! Cordyceps are known to increase endurance and stamina, enhance athletic performance and oxygenate the blood.
Please note * : The Cordyceps in our products are organic adn vegan. They are NOT grown out of insects! This only happens in the wild.
  Turkey Tail
This species of mushroom has some amazing health benefits! This mushroom can be found on the west coast of Canada (and around the world) and helps the immune system fight infections and diseases. Polysaccharide K (PSK) is a well researched active compound in Turkey Tail. In 1989, PSK from Turkey Tail was approved for use in Japan to treat patients going through Chemotherapy. Today it is covered by all Japanese Health Care Plans!
Agaricus Blazei or Murrill Mushrooms which were first found in Brazil growing wild were taken to Japan when they have been extensively studied. Researchers have discovered that these edible, medicinal mushrooms have a significant effect on tumours and inflammation. As well as having immune boosting properties, they are antibacterial and antiviral too. Studies have demonstrated that Agaricus Blazei is very effective when it comes to alleviating internal and external inflammation. In one experiment done on patients with inflammatory bowel conditions, researchers discovered that an extract made from the mushroom have powerful anti-bacterial effects against inflammation caused by Chrone's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.
Chaga grows on the Birch Tree and this "King Mushroom" is here to help!
This species boosts the immune system, helps fight off infections, cold and flu, and supports the body in adapting to stress!
Also known as "Hen of the Woods", Maitake Mushrooms are a type of edible fungi that are native to China. They are commonly found in clusters at the base of Maple Oak or Elm Trees! These mushrooms have a unique frilly appearance and a delicate texture with earthly flavours which work well as a culinary mushroom! Not only this but the medicinal benefits have been associated with a large variety of health benefits! Maitake may promote fertality, reduce blood pressure, lower cholestral, boost immune function, balance sugars and kill cancer cells.
In Korea, this mushroom is made into tea and drunk on a regular basis! In Asian Countries, they have used these mushrooms for hundreds of years to treat Gastroentric Dysfunction, Haemorrhage, Cancers and/or ailments. This mushroom is said to booast the immune system due to the presence of Beta Glucan and Lectin. It is also hailed as having properties which can regulate blood sugar levels and could be particularly helpful in controlling Type 2 Diabetes.

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